Sunday, February 20, 2011

strictly random slack

The tight gab between the curtains revealed the reacurence of another Saturday night. Taxis leading back the dense little creatures of the night. "I'm hungry" he heard her say. She was eighteen, beautiful, a firm little body, totally emotionally secure with herself. He had brought her back to his apartment, he could hear her looking through his empty fridge. "There's nothing here" she moaned, he could hear the fridge door slam shut, then a young chuckle. "Look in the pantry" he yelled, "up above your head" he strained to remember the exact location. "No" he corrected himself, "look behind you." He waited a moment. "Oh yeah, got any milk." He knew she had found the box of corn flakes on the counter. "Yeah just look in the fridge, the two percent stuff is brand new."

She came back into the room with a bowl of cereal, otherwise she was naked. He was happy with himself. Liberated with the fact that this girl was able to feed herself in his home. It was really a messy place. "You should be ashamed of yourself." she said, leaning on the entrance of the door frame to his room. The door itself, hung, loosely, she stared at it as she munched on the breakfast. "How do'you feel?" he asked her, still laying in bed. She stood there a moment, finished chewing and said "ah, kinda lax, you know?" She responded. It made him smile, "I feel free too. Is it the e?" he asked, his brow was beginning to sweat, then the disconnect, the detachment.   

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