Thursday, February 17, 2011

imagined someone else.

He sat there on the steps in between the two buildings that stood behind the bus stop. It was minus twenty three degrees, he just missed the 9, and he had twenty four minutes to wait for the next bus. "It's so cold!" he said to himself as he stood alone. It was a quarter to midnight. He was an artist. "But fuck man I need a car," he said to himself, out loud, looking up. "Wish I brought a tuque." he mumbled tucking his ears into his collar. His face was turning red, and because earlier he was in a hurry he accidentally grabbed two left mittens. He stood up, finding his ass to be falling asleep on the cold concrete. A gust of wind stale, hard and cold hit him in the face. He was downtown, alone, he just got out of a movie with her. She was twenty one, tall, bright and distant. It didn't bother him though, it had been a long time since he had seen a movie. He was lonely, and so was she. The two met through a dating website. She had insisted on a very religious fellow. He was indeed a religious man, a man who never had a malicious thought in his head, a man that waited for a millennium in the cold for a bus, that was at this point, late. "Damn" he yelled, a bum pushing his cart against the wind howled like a wild animal across the street. "Why?" he asked himself. He knew she was being distant, "they all are" he growled. He did everything right though, he paid for dinner, the movie. He was courteous, told her everything she wanted to hear. "Then why?" he thought out loud. Then he started to think about the date and he started to realize, putting together several small observation. "She kept texting someone." saying the words out loud helped him come to the conclusion that she had someone else. Someone that she was reaching out to, while she was with him.  She was using him. "She's trying to move on." he heard the little voice inside his mind say, then the Bus showed up, he took out his wallet and showed the driver his pass. He got on to an almost empty bus, there was a girl there, sitting right in the front seat, bright eyed staring up at him. He sensed a little excitement within himself and sat down next to her, even started a conversation with the young women. Until of course he found himself thinking of the girl he watched the movie with. He couldn't focus on anyone else that was clear to him, so he looked at the woman sitting next to him and said "you're beautiful, but don't meet boys on the bus they'll only want to fuck you!" she smiled and said "I know" then they both got off the bus together. She started telling him the story about how she met her last lover "well, I was drinking with my friends, and I needed to get home, but I had lots of money, so I like called a cab, and fucked the cabbie." She paused, then said "that bus driver was so ugly, and old, yuck. I'm happy you got on!" I looked at her with her hair blowing in the cold wind and

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