Wednesday, February 2, 2011

to unfold, it gives me

The story to be told about me
the stories everyone hears are bear
I am sufficiently entertained with this existence
when I compare myself to the rest of the feeling-less
I find myself blessed looking at the sorrow
that they brought upon us
with the fragility of their own awareness
I have one on you
a story of your lonely
I am too
it appeases me to know that many who live in this
individuality are remarkably inept at realizing the purpose of it
happens to them
the story says
everyone will die
they will except the few that live longer then the rest
with their hearts out and selves torn the bodies will
 proceed peering into the darkness unaware of
of the story that is unfolding
its glories and horrors
I live in the splendid realization of my source
which comes and goes as it pleases
just like yours
except I have a story

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