Friday, August 31, 2012

Bill Gate's Money

When's the day you get out of bed to earn 600$ an hour. I think that anything worth my time is worth 600$ an hour. It's not that I'm working 100 hours a week or nothing either. No Just two hour a week of solid labor. I work harder then most people in my profession. Most individuals who have the audacity to try and work a room like I do are assholes. Most won't even take my photo. Fuck! There was this old dude this fat guy! and his wife in the VIP. He comes up to me and asked "why haven't you posted all the photos of me that you've been taking?" I looked at him and understood why the other photographers haven't posted the pictures. I took his photo and said "I work for dom perignon and I'm nothing like other photographers." He laughed and smiled. I gave him my card and told em "Email me, ill make sure you find your photo!" It's not like I can sell it to Dom or anything. Heard bout this guy that worked for labatts, he said "the photographers had to give up a CD of everything they took. Who knows why?" Do you know why? Do you know why a company would want the bad photos too? I hope so.
Working in the world I've been working in has taught me a thing or two about working in my industry.
Like that? asshole, fuck. K.
The job leaves you alone and hungry. I Interact with so many people, I'd never not take someones photo. I love taking pictures of other photographers, cause I fucking make sure that they get it.
I've been really pretty mean to my dad last little bit. Its been rough. Just telling him he was a shitty dad over and over. It's because he's been repeating the same God Damn excuses for the last fifteen years!
Also My finger hurts, I carry my camera like a dirty little renegade. No strap, just fucking tight in my hand. It's definitely not good for the hand. My middle finger's grown this lump at the knuckle. I showed it off to this Polish girl I met. She was so perfect.
Falling in love is more then 600$ an hour, it's like

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