Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gollum's Home! and it's hot!

Shaving your pubic hair due to jock itch is cool! Except it sucks when you have no one to mention it to, except maybe your mom, cause you have no friends.
Exercising! Having a kid is a good way to get you out there. I guess, unless you got a dad who never did a fucking thing with you. I know the feeling and I was an energetic little guy. Super competitive, not much encouragement. I go skateboarding with my kid, I'm the coolest dad on the block. I wear those tight hipster pants too and look like a kid with a receding hairline but i can still olly. I haul ass behind a six year old on a bike. He fell while I was hitting the Quarter pipe. It was awesome, first time Ive ever seen em biff. He was cool with it! We got a Slurpee.
I got a hold of a film foundation in Edmonton. They have some gear they're looking to share. The motion picture about the lives of the Strathcona youth might have a chance at an XL1. Imagine interchangeable lenses on a video camera! I understand photography on my own level. I would accept anything to move forward with creating a program that develops a culture amongst youth that have a similar background to mine. I'm gonna do it. Everything is a learning experience, developing my ideas is so cool. It makes me laugh that I have a chance. I bet you that breaks people and I bet ya it breaks the people that I wish it made stronger. I'm always reaching out and through that I've found out what I can do to support myself. I can't do it with out others. No one can. Fuck it's Lightning McQueen! He thought he had his shit together, until. Fuck I've enjoyed riding it out. And the wave is fucking phat. I've been developing alliances with real people who are moving toward success. This part of the world is it! That's why we can read this God Damn blog! Cause when the power goes out here!

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