Saturday, September 1, 2012

you re a victim and you know it.

"I liked him but he didn't like me!" That's the story of my life. Why is it that people who don't give respect can sometimes lure us into handing over the respect they don't deserve. Sensitive people don't like change. They prefer to associate what they got to what they know.
I don't think my philling is fixed! There is this discomfort. My dentist said "toughen up." I think dental hygienists are weird. They participate in some weird shit. Teeth Nurses. Pain.
Feeling the zest of life has its limits. There are those days when things just are. Schools going to be scary, and the government is going to bill me. I'm going to change the world form my dining room table.
There is so much traffic lately, everywhere. All the time. I don't hate it! I love it. Just like I love the pain in my tooth, form the fucking chipped filling. I Play with it. Make noises with my tongue trying to get the pain sensation out of it. Always wanting more and more...... Fuck.
I was in a meeting with my student body government. Everyone knew me. I was so alone. It was like I was never there. There was one girl there everyone was paying attention to. They all knew me. Even the girly. I was offensive. Not on purpose. I had a headache. They all wanted to avoid me and get to know one another. A guy there wanted to start a pro life club. Showed me a real gruesome picture of an aborted fetus. It was powerful. He Told me that "Canada has no abortion laws!" I told him I'd help him with a documentary. It'd be cool. Cause I go to a Christian school.
The homeless chap I've been shooting with has left the city for Northern Parts. He's hopefully keeping safe. The program I'm developing is definitely in development. It takes time. All of it takes time. the most Important thing is to ditch the people that leave you hurting, you don't want to be stuck licking your wounds, unless of course

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