Sunday, August 19, 2012

Venuse maybe or .... your anus?

So there is a story or two out there, you've had your life smashed around. Life broke ya! Come on .... you know it did? Admit it. If you don't you'll live your life denying it, until it's the only part of yourself you have left. You're just the smashed piece, the part that you thought was a cancer. The crack wasn't you're fault, it happens to everyone. It's accepting it that matters. I'm not talking to everyone, I'm talking to people who's lives are full of shit. The world does not live to be alive on the weekend, but people do! That's a crack I don't want to fill. We don't have to sell ourselves short.
Living in Edmonton is getting good, everyone around the world knows it, we're gonna refine our own oil and develop the best place to live on the planet for the next hundred years. I can see it but not everyone can and that's because their lives are crushed but they don't know it. This Province in like a "Shire" of sorts, Edmonton is the capital. But as a worldly person I can see that the rest of the people inhabiting the earth, the people whom I'm talking to, might not find the culture of our hobbit folk little more then idiotic and simple. They just want to plow through us and drill us for gold. Now I still have lots to learn bout this whole I'm growing in, but it's beginning to show itself. To poke it's little stem outta the ground. Edmonton is where my child was born and is being raised. This Province is where the world will bring its leaders because our children will be raised to preserve and nurture what nature we have left. the Capital our people create will project us toward .....

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