Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just be who you are!

There are those moments in the game of life when you want to just lay back and get off the board! I have a feeling most of the world does it! Why not? Right? it's a God given right! I think we're all the same, but I don't think we all lay back and give up for the same reasons! Some people lay back and relax to watch the scenery. Some people lay back and hold on for dear life! And then there is the people in between! Some people don't give up! Others drop the ball! Today I reunited with the homeless fellow I've worked so hard at creating a relationship with. At nineteen he's in full swing toward creating a documentary with me! I'm meeting with him in the late morning and we're shooting tomorrow. Officially I'm doing this without the consent of the city! because I'm not officially a volunteer till my criminal record check get s back clean! That's cool! They need to know my background! No problem!
There is going to be so much work going on! the Fringe is starting! I'm taking photographs all the time now! Making videos! It's amazing! Things are great! Except, I have to go back to school which isn't so bad! I have a showing there in the Caf! Curated and everything! I betcha I misspelled something in my bio! that's totally my style!
No School s great, I've learned so much! One of the reasons I've developed such a sense of self in the last year was my schools academic vice president! He did so much for me. I was able to connect with him on a whole new level! He gave me a lot of confidence! Lead me to believe in myself! Everything.... well many thing s i aspired to do we achieved and he was right there to honor me. Many members of the institutions I've been a part of throughout my life have seen me as an invader, a parasite or something! Teachers have been failing me since day one! I shouldn't pass school but I have been as of late. And it was my schools VPA that instilled a stronger scenes of confidence in me! I know from the moment I read his blog we'd end up connected! Well he's not coming back next year! It's a downer! cause I remember the day we first met! We were sitting in the board room and I was as always .... on fire, overtly and immensely passionate. I asked him "should I try to change? should I settle down a bit?" you know what he told me?

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