Sunday, August 12, 2012

My community is so stuburn and weak, they look like whales!

I don't feel like a teenager anymore! I'm on a much higher plane of existence! I honestly feel that it's my job to develop this community I live in. The people around me are caught up in something I don't understand! I mean it's something I used to know but now most peoples lifestyles are just something I don't believe in. Most people say things like you gotta work to eat! I don't think so! I think you need to eat to eat! Everyone is stuck on cash! It's like how many people want to do something for the money! Not for the love of doing it! I want everyone in my life there cause they want to be there. I don't want anyone around me because they've been forced to stand at my side!
I have made several really good connection with a bunch of you adults! Kids just barely out of their teens! They're important people, they just don't know why yet, neither do I, but I know they're on their way! I'm not going to stop them.
What set s the unique people apart is their attitude! It's not that they're smarter of better looking, they're just more focused on moving forward rather then settling with the shitty answers.
When you're moving toward achieving your goals in life everyone except maybe you're mother is going to tell you, "there's no money in it, get a real job!" and we all know they're probably right! But some of us go against that grain and pursue the impossible. There isn't very many people that know of others who've achieved their goals so there is no blue print that we can follow to get the thing done. The only way we can actually get to where we're going is to follow our gut! I'm not a teenager anymore because I don't let real life stop me from making my own reality! This world, the country, this province is mine! I rule my city, and I've been in control here for a long time! I'm just letting people know now! but not that I'm the boss! (They don't need to know that) but that they are in one of the most potential filled areas on the planet Really the goal is to have everyone around you succeed! I want to have my municipality be the best neighborhood on the planet to be from!

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