Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rock star statuss

Laying around alone is pretty good. It's nice to have a solitary perspective on the world. There is the social media that fills you in on all sorts of levels. There is the people out there too, I interact with so many people, I need to find someone who is as social as I am. I think that if I could get that energy twisted into something I'd have more stability. Its just gotta be with someone who's cool.
I want to have a living room I think, but one without a tv, just a couch and a desk maybe. A room I can learn yoga in. Doing the dad thing seems to be working, following your heart instead of the hate. Kids help see what the heart needs, so do parents. Sometimes there is even people whose parents never learned to understand their desires but their kids did. Taking care of your family lets you have something to stand on out in society.
Right now it seems society from inside,here in Canada is suffering culturally. Instead of thinking that we should find someone to marry, our culture wants to have lots of lovers. I met this woman today that has been having children since before she was old enough to drive. I took her picture but not without some resistance, her friend wanted one, she was reluctant. I listened to them talk and I snagged a picture while they were speaking to this homeless woman. She looked rough, but come to think of it so did the twenty six year old with that thirteen year old daughter and two other kids with two other dads.
Imagine have that!

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