Friday, August 10, 2012

We're really upsidedown and backward!

The world assumes you don't want to know what the fuck it is you are doing. I've been working at being good at stuff! I had been driving a taxi for two years when I first started taxi talk! That was one of the reasons it was such an accurate portrayal of the life. The Life ... the fucking life. Life fucking rules. I was out tonight and there were these kids, like six of them just toast and looking for a fight! I could sense the way they felt. I was talking to a big black dude eating a donair. He was cool, I mean he wasn't an idiot. I'm usually able to distinguish that by the fact that they can talk to me for over three minutes. I've become a regular commercial, if the person isn't turned on right away, I ditch em! It's all I can do!
The movie I made last night worked, the heads understood what it is I do! I got better at it! By realizing some of the stuff I need to do to get better! I'm going to be a teacher, it's exciting and new and no one is going to teach me how to do it except for the students and this blog. We made that clip, the institution realized that the kid had his own idea; now the reason it was such a success was they felt that what we created didn't reflect what they were trying to do accurately. He also was given something to analyze! Himself! He saw flaws in his message and just watching the clip sculpted his vision! The cameras are going to help people see themselves. There is nothing like your own reflection in the mirror to tell what you really look like!

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