Monday, August 27, 2012

Cobain can't complain

Getting things done takes all the time you got! Getting things done doesn't end. Constipation sucks, laxatives can help! Developing products that people will buy is hard. It's hard because you have to experiment and that costs cash! Or you have to investigate and feel around to find the direction you gotta go in. It's never the direction you want to go in. Getting my filling fixed today, first thing in the morning. It's practice for the first day of school. I've got an early class, but the first grade might start before that. This whole summer has been like so many before it now, full of time with my sun. Life has been vibrant and I've been in the midst of it. No relationships outside of the immediate family though, well, not entirely. Several connections through work, with young people that want to change the world. Most of the people I see are on track, but they're scared, no one's ever encouraged them to really peruse their dreams. It's because no one in our society outside of Rockstars and hockey players can show them what the achievements of ones wishes looks like. Our culture nurtures a bleak vision for most of our society. I don't see a bright future for people outside of Alberta, I don't see a people ready to accept that kind of responsibility inside our province. What's gonna happen is we're going to have a population of people who live to work through social conditioning. A population like this is easy to manipulate, it's easy to sculpt the dreams of those who think they have it all. Only because they've never seen the world outside of the limited scope presented to them by or societies constraining leaders. They'll work hard to have it all! They'll work harder at maintaining the wall that'll keep em trapped forever, or until the world ends!
I have to make this movie, I also have to write another children's story.

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