Thursday, August 16, 2012

This is what we need in Canada

So what if it's all a muddle! This backward world we live in. So what if mothers leave their children in the hand of others so they can do what they want! Fathers do the same! So what if kids can't read and people don't think. What do we do then? Figure out how to communicate with them. Life is no longer complex now we make money!
Money's coming! It has to because there is a debt here!
Corporations are intoxicating. They manufacture profit by taking on risks with capital to keep the pay rolling. They bank on the people doing the work for way less then it's worth.
Hey? have you ever finished a conversation up early cause you we're about to have diarrhea? Shit, I think someone did that to me today! BAM! atta nowhere.
There's nothing wrong with ditching someone for the right reasons. Like, if they ain't happy and you are, it's ok to go meet up with some happy people. We don't do what we want anymore. Society is all unhappy. That's ok, we can make it.
There is a hard times coming to Canada, Canadians don't want stand up and really design cars that don't run on gas but go six times as fast, You know! I want a car that uses diarrhea as a fuel. To re fuel I'd just have to sit outside a Mc Donald's.
Steven fell in a ditch, it's fucking hard times~

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