Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tork tork tickled pickle

So the universe is a woman, and yeah she's hot she's not, she's whatever and she's pregnant and alone. The Kicker is it's a boy! That's what's happening over and over again. So Jesus dying is no biggie, well I mean it is, but it's like the birth of the boy into the real world. the Death of the pregnancy and of being alone. It's Oedipal I'm sure of it. Whatever that means. The only thing left in cleaning out the studio is the Christmas decorations, one of the artificial trees is of the supper industrial nature. The room is going to be a learning experience. It's full of old stuff, well it was. I went through it. There is this collection of doors. All sorts of them. Big ones little one, there is a few heavy ones. I'm doing this.
What am I doing, I'm finishing university. One of my professors has an idea to teach people through video. I'm going to make clips using software that records what I'm doing on screen. It'll be exciting. Mentor ship is a tough process and I love it. Don't laugh, I like being mentored. Fuck that's worse eh. Leadership is usually a burden that everyone criticizes. Good leaders are good because they are capable of breaking up packs of bad leaders. A good leader changes the world by sacrificing everything for the one cause. Which is funny, could you imagine being in a room full of people? Then out of nowhere a psychotic paranoid schizophrenic comes at you and starts trying to kill you. Imagine he's huge and everyone in the room just sits and watches. No one moves because they know the guy, they know he's a lunatic, they know he'll try to kill them if they try to save you, so they sit and watch. He wants to hurt you, who knows why.
Quality time with the one you love, that's all you need after being put through the ringer. with an emphasis on Time ...

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