Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My roomate hates me too!

Whatever happened to just being hungry, not eating, but just being hungry. Yep, that's the solution to Pavlov s conditioning. Just Don't eat, just swallow your own spit. If you're able to smell it, it'll feed you if you let it. Contracts to succeed, not compulsions and procedures to crush us. Gravity already holds me down here when all I wanna do is fly. You know those nights when you fall in love. It's great, it's something that everyone in the neighborhood has to deal with. When you're a kid and you stay out late, latter then usual and you're hanging around with your crush it's gentle. It happens to adults too, sometimes, when they just happen to be close. I fell in love on the streets my whole life, endlessly, I love it. But it's a love that can't be satisfied, I couldn't step away from it.
I mean I could and I'd probably end up with a fat dog and I'd be living with a roommate that I hate, but I'd be satisfied with the pizza pops I'd be eating. Or the beer I'm guzzling. But really I'd probably have a fabulous wife and money, and a house and big vehicle in the Garage. Steaks and wine, and I'd tap my glass with people, and I'd sing songs about the land.
Fuck that, if today was my first day on earth, I'd fucking curse the leaders of our nations. This Planet is in shambles. Not here though, No, not here. No. Here in Alberta our Edmonton summers are beginning to look a lot more southern. Shit's almost like a jungle in here, it's humid. We're living it up on borrowed time. We're set to cook!
How the Fuck is nature going to reclaim it's prize, cause I'm pretty sure our home, our mother, this planet has been seriously downing some fucking spit. Watching the people sworn to protect her, turn here to a living ball of fire. We are gruesome and stupid, especially when we're hungry.
Don't let em tell you what to eat, cause they'll make you eat shit!

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