Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One part fiction~

Back on the wagon again. Ever notice that when you're working with people that are young they think they know everything! You know who really knows everything? Me! That's right I'm a mother fucking genius! God only knows for how many reasons.
There is so much shit happening!

Shooting the homeless kids stories is gonna change my life. In a good way! It's the way we're assimilated to function in this world that sucks. Focusing on just scraping by! It's something I've always been told I should be able to manage. The bare minimum. That's something the system has seemed to grind into my mind. Fuck the system is a grind. Everything... well not everything, but lots of behaviors and dysfunctions are created by the crazy way our world runs its business! These kids are experiencing the same problem every big organization creates. Cracks in our culture! They're just falling in between the mind altering earthquakes the corporate world makes. You can't get a job at Wallmart without a bank account, you can't get a bank account without an ID, can't get an ID unless your Transit offensives are all cleared up! Can't do that without a JOB! Plus drugs! and sex! and BOOOOOOZE and heat! Fuck! Living on the streets has its highs and lows!
The stories so far have baffled me! And I don't want to forget them! Id's and our communities! the police don't like these kids either. I can talk to them! What's gonna happen? Our city is growing so structured! So corporate! It's like it's being sanitized! Destroying anybody that might not believe in "THE ASSEMBLY LINE" culture. I want out! The world can't use Canada as a Wallmart, or any of the kids in our communities! The job is clear, to give them the insight to look into their own hearts to find their self worth. Our people can't just be worthless whores on a market, being sold to the rest of the bullies on the planet! Let's do something!


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