Friday, August 24, 2012

short skirts!

Super hot ad agency! Super hot ad agents! I'm honest! They have great shoes! and most of them are women! I'm a man! I wear old skate shoes. I'm not very big but I'm all dude. I've been wearing my tight pants and skating the street like it's running out of style! Kicks ass to be fit, strong. I told her lots. I tell everyone lots about myself. too much. I tell people what I think all the time. I hope that makes me a better dad.
Most people blow the world off! They say "it's full of bad" which is ok cause it is. But Good is in Control. One thing that keeps people on their toes, especially when it comes to Good is that if everything was truly Good it would never end! That's a mistake. I think we have to realize that everything ends, and that's the best part. Fuck I'm meeting with add executives from big firms and they like my work. I'm going to have a studio down town, starting tomorrow! I just have to go get it! Clean up the concrete palace! There is a compressor in the room with me and it's a powerhouse. Also someone ordered some of my photographs! I will be selling my prints!
I've got so much going for me, and I found my homeless partner in movie making! I downloaded over 1200 clips off his camera! I also gave him sometime in front of the camera. I dropped him off at the Hope mission shelter! He's nineteen! He is very full of ambition. He's driven, and even though he has skipped out a few times he has made up for it. There is so much that can happen! all I'm able to do is try. I'm going to become my own add agency! I'm going to create a more powerful community of smart people! I need to meet more effective and creative leaders who want to share our world with the future, not just with themselves. Bad is Good! lol! For real! It's sexy and paints its nails!

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It's sexy and paints its nails!