Monday, August 13, 2012

school tomorrow

Tradition is to settle down and forgive! people don't do that. Not sure if it's always been like this or if people aren't all the same. It'd be nice if this world was a lesson and we got to go somewhere after we die. But I think it's a place where we come to see death, stare it right in the face. Looking at it, should be easy, right? No it shouldn't. It should be fun though. Life has been moving so much more efficiently in my adult hood. You can see what's happening and try to position yourself where you need to be. The thing about our current situation is that our world has institutionalized, it's not natural. Our system is all stiff.
It's like imagine seeing a bear and staring it right in the face..... forever.
Oh check this out, I just killed a mosquito that I swear to God, just faked it's own death and came back!
I've spent so much time chasing something specific and it's becoming very sharp! So sharp it can cut me! The risks are never ending. You're always struggling, that's how you know you're going in the right direction! It's a tradition....

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