Wednesday, August 22, 2012

it s about mauniciple ideology

When your head feels like a watermelon full of snot and all you can think about is crashing into the pavement and seeing everything splatter. That's life. Head flu and snot. The Homeless guy didn't show up again. Fuck! Whatever, there is a lot to learn. Life is a program, it's the same over and over again. A struggle then something that breaks and another struggle, until Steven Harpers kill the planet. It gets re-born. This is like the meeting ground for all the God! This is fucking Greek shit. This is the last race isn't it? Hesiod said so! he said we suck too. It's true. We're the race sent here to reboot the game. Our civilization makes me feel like we're running out the course of a push of a button. We suck, and kick so much ass all at the same time. It's gonna happen again. Humans will play out their roles. So there's something bigger, What the fuck it is it? I think what's running the big picture want's all the players to have fun, but I think small individual players want to win. That seems like a natural complete process. I think that the ultimate ruler, if there is one, is a parent type figure. That darkness between everything in space is that maternal instinct that keeps reality together.

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