Tuesday, January 11, 2011


You know those people, the flawless mother fuckers. The kids who always did their homework, always had clean rooms, had the mom who always had the perfectly cut up fruit. Those are the people who are going to make it. The kids who never laid their eyes on trouble. I always hated the kids that were given sports cars and stuff. I just did I wasn't destined for that life style. That's not to say that I wouldn't want it, but at what price. Recently I overheard a very great scientist say that our brains are what separate us from our primitive ancestors. That we have a cerebral cortex to allow us to see past, so called realities, and allow us to create our own abstractions. I don't think that humanity is honestly moving toward what that scientist wanted us to move to. The truth is this rock won't hold us forever, and God has some kick ass life all over the universe, life that gets it. Humans are not using their brains to build space ships to allow us to truly conquer the universe. No humans use their precious brains to compile information that makes money.... or bombs, or ways to drink more beer to forget about the fact that we have no real reason to exist. No spaceship is worth it. I think the reason whatever it is sent Jesus down to Earth is to say "You guys are kind of a crappy form of life, you're not going to be back past the next cycle, your time here is limited, so party under my name Jesus Christ, cause when people won't be able to understand my message true freedom will have been eaten up by the empty. The kids with blackberries, and Mustangs, who go to a concert to text their friends that they are board. God gave up on us  2000 years ago. Humans had the potential but not the heart to be a part of it. I'm going to let my Sun shine, somehow. I'm not going to expose him to that.... well. He won't like me though, and his mom won't help, yet I will still fight this shit. I won't let those hideously perfect people lie to him and influence me. I know what they are....

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