Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ok so one .....and the other are heavy with the weight of it all,

The weight is not necessarily a bad thing. I'm more visible now, people can taste me. There is a family of sailors that love me, I bought them a bouquet the other night, they loved it. then we took a walk to the Jail house and watched the warden cut the head off of a whore. Sad, but the politics these days have been crazy with the law being so ... un-real. What an invisible line that road makes, bite that crank and peddle away, watch the skates cut the ice, grow up and invest in a bank account. that's the best way to curl those lips baby. Invested in every one every step of the way and because you came from money you got given money, investments are material.
The fact is you grew up in  a war zone, so sterile that if you germed it up you got stuffed by your daddies dirty ... baby, Overdose

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