Thursday, January 6, 2011

being swallowed by a black hole, falling so fast, light won't work with the weight

Ok so we are all made of this star dust stuff. Ok so we are all scared of the dark, it's because we were meant to be, well some of us. The fact is we are made of all the pieces of the universe. There is monsters out there for sure, worlds of insects. Fangs, teeth and vampires, I bet this universe in all it's dimensions has more darkness then anything else. I bet life came from the dark. Life is the product of the endless crushing, and shitting and jazz. The Darkness has been around longer then then light. I bet you God just wanted to see everything smash. And instead of smashing anything he just made a bigger mess, this happened forever, until his mom came home, Fuck. I'm spinning with what is coming. I'm in the dark, but I can see, and I'm turning away from the others, I have a heavy heavy burden I must take and deal with, The further the better. It's one of those things that just sucks everything in, demolishes it, What is this all about, where are we going to land, the solar system, our sun. Imagine...

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