Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rest of them.

My audience is dwindling, and that's not a bad thing, actually no audience is better then the one I recently had. All in all life is terrifying, but I continue to survive without any serious injury. The skiers man, fuck them. Who else should go fuck themselves... the gay club, in the ass. The Roads are so bad out there make me want to stay home all the time, but I can't, coaching hockey tomorrow. Having some issues with the light lately. Well not the light per se  but the big mother lamp. God what an ungraceful bitch, she made Christmas kinda of a nightmare, but who cares. I got some really cool gifts this year like a 21 year old, yeah! I think I was always told how much I wanted one. God I just want to forget about the past, well the bad and move into the future. I need something to happen, something really cool. I wish I could win a contest or a prize that would send me around the world along with the sun, it's gonna happen, I'm going to make it. I just hope the mother of all manipulators won't hitch herself along for the ride. Not sure how I'm going to ditch her, I wish I could do it the same way she does.. with the a dick in her .....Fuck. I don't wish that on anyone and it's funny every women out there dreams of it, Lonely cunts. FUck the opposite sex just makes me angry. I met an editor today, she wanted to collaborate with me. I came up with a great strategy to invade the school. Fuck what a life. The editor was a 19 year old girl, smart but not yet a women, I totally feel cool being the older guy around, I can feel how vulnerable the younger students are, Such bundles of joy.  Then it makes me think of the juvenile delinquent Miss manipulators is trying to create, what an idiot bitch, well whatever she's just like the ...

except I control my future and I'm taking him with me. Cause he's the reason I was born!

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