Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To whom it may concern,

as marketing director of the sss I found it necessary to write to you all "the sss is awesome", we have so much potential now with the addition of the s&s website. The alumni association, and the athletics department are looking into association themselves and advertising  with s&s. I am sure they can add content with context.  I have to add that with all my ties to outside faculties I would like to make even more contact with the members of the sss itself. Being able to connect with each other ensures we communicate. Twiter,  or accounts like it, linked to the website are strategic elements in creating a powerful social network. With just a text the whole school can be connected to the happenings of the sss. Transparency and perspective allow more minds to open and look into organizations like the sss, and the s&s.  Openness brings in more people to attend concerts, and retreats marketed by the sss. In turn exposing more to causes like the mission trip, or pubcrawls and formals. I feel that not only does the sss have a tremendous amount of potential to grow as an organization itself but that the sss as an organization can help Concordia the university become a more diverse and appealing place to study and to participate in as a student. The Key is to have an open flow of ideas accessible to everyone. With that said I want to throw in that looking into the wedsite I see that the tremendous power that the council as a whole contains is being utilized by a very small fraction of the participants. With the launch of sonsordia universities  new website maybe we can launch a new campaing designed to shine a light on sss.sonsordia.com. The organizations as a whole should meet to clarify certain roles so individuals know for certain what to do.

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