Monday, January 10, 2011

Selling out.

I burnt my tongue just now. It hurts to say this but " I can't fucking ...." Yeah. Even I can't mutter out those words, they are just wrong. That's ok. I can go on living this way, in this deniel, this fear. I like it, it lets me get away from it all. I have found others, unfortunately they are unaware of the reality of it.  What I'm trying to say is that they understand what it is and why, but they are given something that should not exist. In turn causing emotions to stir and reality to set in irationally. Which is ok since I'm irational too. Not lonely, but alone. I've been feeling fine with my life though. My failiures are going to be my biggest asset in my future I can see that. This world is my oyster. My biggest complaint is that I live in such a rich intelegent nation, full of idiots. Canadians are assholes and should get beat up around every eruopean street courner for being jerk off sons of immigrant bitches.

I've been looking through a bigger set of eyes for the past few hours and I have not had the onset of a headache.
I wish I wish I wish
I had someone to give me more
all I want is more
now I can't handle myself
cause all I want is more
I'll wait to taste it when it 's hot
I'll take it in when it's hot
I'll have it
it's something I sold
yet it's something

You'll never have found me
ever having bought!

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