Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Have n babies on Adderal and sin suckers, you know the one you can buy in the pharmacy right next to the condoms and the anti sperm shit

My tacked is steering me into solitude, which is not a bad thing since everyone out there is such an asshole. Ha. Yeah I know what you're thinking but that doesn't matter. So maybe it's me, I don't care. I've already lowered my standard for what basic North American human existence is. I fell in love with a rig pig. He was a blast, but the crack addiction was overwhelming, and the bastard, was angry. Well I'm alone now, you know with a little of this and that but due to the natural force caused by the lowering I am incapable of really committing myself with the right zephyr. The relationships created in the last few months have been jaded by a ripple formed by a removal. Pop, and the bubble burst. Fuck. I am so poor now, He used t' buy everything, i mean everything, from the condoms,( I always poked a needle through them, he made me put them on while sucking his balls so he never noticed) The dirty fuck always thought I was trying to get myself knocked up..... well we all are, You now I'm on a path to solitude cause the fuck did it. I' m pregnant, I lowered my standard and now I know love.  ANd I have a sever crack addiction. My rig pig, Yeah he's from Peasant lake it's the big city, he's looking to score, he just got paid, he's making 10,000 a month, except I'm pregnant and he doesn't know. He's coming back and he loves to fuck around all crazy when he gets high, think he'd settle down on me if he knew I'm a few month heavy with his bastard child.

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