Monday, January 3, 2011

there is go go going to be issues I'm sure but good ones!

"Why not have a go at it", one neighbor said to the other. "You know throw some pesticide on that there field full of weeds."

Then I showed up handsome mug and all and said...

 " you know what? I'll pill em.... Fuck the pesticides!"

"Pill em?" they asked

"p p p  pull them, them Pill fuckers!"

So that's the story

let's watch me throw down
it's been a couple years of harvesting
got a lot of shit I have to deal with
Then the other neighbor said...

"Pesticides are good! I also use antibiotics, I think they should be used in schools all the time"

then the one other guy threw a rock that hit all of us in the head
he robbed us and stole our wallets
Ever want to sing with the choir?
La la al lalallala
to the Roasted marry

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