Monday, January 24, 2011

I don't trust any of them

Rollin in the deep tonight
rolling around soulless, rolling like a thief.
beat-less, renowned for his bad behavior
imagine being lonely in a room full of him
imagine not being angry
imagine that not being your place
no more fear
it's a concept I can't fathom
I don't trust any of them
yet I adore it
the taste, the smell, me
reflected back
in an eye
closed to that, to the other
they are far  from themselves, and
anger binds itself to passion
one is like the other
one is tasteless
and it stinks
I don't like the way it looks back at me
I despise those eyes
they are bottomless pools
of deep
devouring my mind, in her eyes
the music is over
and standing listening to my heart
trying to forgive me my passions
thinking through the rage
it wants to rip itself away
in fear of my taste
a concept I can't fathom

1 comment:

tempo tempo. said...

here's a door
I have a box of dildos for sale
No one can have it all
no has it all

but ya gotta keep the beat