Saturday, January 15, 2011

They were all logical in our age. unable to hold on! but still angry

The sound of my telephone is muted by my thoughts. I've gone numb, and there is so many things that I want to feel. I can't and I'm trying. I do, feel that they are being felt, just not by me. She is so young. So naive, well as naive as she can be. She finds that she is giving me pleasure, I find that to be her pleasure. That is who she is, it is how it works. I've been broken in and I know what I want. It's like a food, once you eat, it gets you, it's got you beat. Leaves you restless, unable to focus. If you let it. The novelist let go.


Anonymous said...

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bumatom said...

Thanks Anete, you slut! lol