Saturday, January 8, 2011


Dealing with the reading leaves me so disillusioned, life just seems to be continuing on, in this endless recurring cycle of ahhhh. This life is such misery, I feel tempted to give up, but I'd go to hell. Fuck. Well if I'm willing to blow it all to get the fuck off this spinning ball. I might as well find a way to make a deal with the devil. I'll find a way, I'll wait till she jumps in my lap, and as soon as I got her, we'll partner up and cause a mock.  TaxiTalk was the start of that. So I remember waiting for this creature to come into my life. I was looking into the night. I was looking for something, Me..Phisto fucker you know. She came, little creature, I loved her at first sight. Perfect, they always are!  We wrote a bond and met, and for the next several years we frolicked in the depth of this planet. We took advantage of every rule and broke every promise, dealing with devils weaken the knees thought. Me and his Phisto were

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