Tuesday, January 11, 2011

THEY STAY THE SAME...then you fuck their daughter,

You wonder why a girl who's in her early twenties has had dozens of partners. Sexual partners. First, if you're a man you figure she really likes dick. But then you figure that she really likes guys who do this and that. Then you wonder what it is. So you ask. "You've been with so many guys, have you ever had any crazy satisfying, fulfilling  sex?" We all know the answer. They never enjoyed the sex. At least that's what they say. Imagine having countless partners....Imagine not only never achieving satisfaction, imagine not knowing that you are not getting what you're suppose to get out of it. Then imagine why. Why is it that they go so far? They don't know where to look. It happens to lots of girls, you know who's to blame. Yeah you do! He should of been there for you the whole time, from the  start to now(in your head, if he's dead). He should always be there. No he's not Jesus. That fuckers is the guy trying to get you to put your hands down his pants to feels his funny bone. No the true culprit is not God, but it is a man. In most woman's lives,  in most modern woman's lives the true flawed figure is the Mr.Breadwinner, oil rigger, taxi hacker, shit digger... Dad, the Father. Daddy is public enemy number one, he's usually the one who decides to give something up after he accidentally starts a family. To have a family a man needs to change, not many men do.

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