Sunday, January 23, 2011

to the wind, against them

The winds I heard this morning reminded me of my night, Tonight I was picked on. Not like any other night, but last night I was glitched, because I encountered another, asshole who works in the same industry. I think I was alarmed because I thought that he was sitting with a whole table of people I knew. He wasn't, yet my over exaggerated ego was ready for....What? I wasn't sure. I guess I would have had to work the room and try to pull off another 30 snaps with the weight of that whole crew on me. Well when I saw the dude, who hardly knows me I turned away, but then I said "fuck it"  turned back and asked his table if they wanted one. I looked at him the whole time, my heart was racing, even though this mother fucker is a punk ass. He said "No" and spoke for the table. It was a trendy place, and I bombarded the fuck out of those establishments. My next few shots within his vicinity were good, busted the ego back in, but my heart was racing from the encounter, the prospect of meeting all of them and me alone. My heart would race, but I'd turn 

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