Sunday, January 23, 2011

Women use the back door to lie, I mean lie down on their back right?

All we know is that a backdoor is easy to find, always. Not sure if it makes us better people, but the back door seems to make itself available for a quick run. A jaunt out of this place to the outside and then again to the next. Backdoor travelers are often young, pretty, fast and enormously talented fucks. Ah. The back door is so easy to find because we are such lousy honest creatures. We are sick, imagine how many people marry, realize it sucks , then invite people to sneak in and fuck, then sneak out. That's a backdoor. I know the back door, I know how to use it, I know people who use. I know mothers who run from responsibilities I know dads who are standing at the front waiting for company. While ladies behave badly. The Mother figure is dying, the women is now a nurturer with a dick in her mouth, and it's not the dick she had in it 10 minutes ago. This is going to be a confusing world for the kids growing up in it.

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