Saturday, January 22, 2011

brain function. My Love

I hemmed my pants to high, now I don't trip and stumble, I just look like a pirate. "Argh Matty!" I've been offered positions that I can not declare, yet, I'll take them if I can. I'll throw up my hands and freeze them there, so when the cops come they can shoot me. I've had enough of this possibility, the endless potential, that she has to find someone to use. I have now also become a parasite, a soul sucker. A lot like a predatory jungle cat thinking her happiness is relevant, it's not. That cat is unhappy because its life is over, blown over in a heap of forgotten loves, from dreams to wishful thought surfing over the horizon on a sum beam. I'm in the grand water, pirating, snow rolling over the passionate possibilities I created with my behaviors. My actions are leasing me a hope, for free. But the fact is I sold pieces of my most precious plate, I don't joke, I'm to serious about my lower...

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