Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where the Fuck! do I live?

I live in a Nation where we need to advertise basic morality. This is the top of the world Baby!

fight that ticket!

is affordable and the cops that work there quit.


Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Just for good measure, let's paint a "Murdering is wrong" sign and put that on Jasper somewhere.

ancient nation said...

I think they should encourage such behavior, you know... they can let all the decent folks have a year or so to get out of Edmonton. Then, the crazy fucking assholes can fuck, snort, shoot, fuck again, and kill each other all they want. Imagine the bill board now "FUCK CHILDREN".

I guess it could have two meanings?

Just a sign of the times.

You know, I'd rather not, but at the same time it seems that they might as well just go for it.

Who you going to trust? Can't trust the whore on 107th, can't trust the police, I guess you just gotta go with gut instinct.