Saturday, May 9, 2009

short story

Tonight was another night. I had a good one. I was invited back to the Y after hours. I've been living the Zen style, Welcome to wherever you are, kinda thing. I was in the club tonight. I danced. I was offered drugs last week and this week. I've been staying clean and well, that's the thing I've been clean for like four years. I watched all the kids in the club get wreaked. Life times, wasted or maybe not. I got there as the club was opening. 3am. You can only get so far in the line up. You can watch kids get all fucked up in that first hour. I stayed for an hour. I danced for most of it. I watch all the kids trying to move to the beat. Some were having a hard time just trying to stand up. The drugs pounding through their bodies with every heart beat. Costa La vista baby. I'm not saying that I can dance but I do sober. It's sweet. Windows into a different world. I can get the vibe I want off the other people. Without the drugs. I do it in the cab every day. Drugs generate behaviors. Those behaviors are provoked by feelings that are brought on by the drugs. Just mimicking those actions creates those feeling. Drugs real aren't necessary, especially when you truly understand what"s yours to loose. First and foremost the dancing in an illicit, dirty, seedy, underground club is cool. You don't have to be high to have fun. If you insist on getting high look further, now what do you see?


Hit 40 said...

Excellent people watching night! My kind of fun.

I will be watching my high schoolers probably dance high tonight at prom!

Hit 40 said...

....I am a chaperone tonight

Anonymous said...

Nice TSE shout outs!

Nicole said...

You've been clean for four years.. of what?

You don't have to say, just my curiosity.