Friday, May 22, 2009

Gas prices have gone up 20%, Go Economy devil and killer of life go

Growing up is hard to do in these troubled times. You'd think. Not true. I drove a girl from high school. She sat down in the car during a Nirvana song, her and her boyfriend. I blasted it. Seeing kids from high school reminds me that I'm not a kid anymore. That chick was a woman. I have a kid, Fuck! I'm a man. Growing up. Sometimes I still feel like a kid, but once you have a kid you grow up. It changes things in a good way and a bad way. The good out ways the evil ten fold. Driving the taxi, I get to see people behaving like kids. Letting the inner demon out. I got to say "no one's partying. No one's really letting loose." It's a good thing and a bad thing. I need to go back to school. The night life is dry. No good stories. Lies! Tonight I drove a couple of kids that went to "Queen the tribute band." They said they were the youngsters, they tried to get the audience moving but the people just sat and stared. I drove them up too Stony Plain Road to pick up some rails and a bag-a-dank. They only had seven bucks. They made it to their destination singing "bicycles! bicycles!" Yeah cutting people deals, cause I got one call tonight. Oh a cop car pulled up to me after I dropped off a fare. I was parked in the right lane on Jasper ave, my hazards were on. The fare took a long time to pay. Whatever. He was the second person in the car in three hours. Joey's on 12st and Jasper. He gets out. Traffic honking at me. I tell the customer to stay safe. Then the SUV cruiser rushes up in the left hand lane and the guy sitting shot gun say's "you can't do that." I look over and the taxi loading zone has a Corvette sitting in it. I point. The cop looks at me, I ask "Can I go now?" then the chick cop driver proceeds and cuts me off in anger. I laugh and thank God I'd didn't get some bullshit ticket. I've never had a problem doing that I don't think its illegal. I'm so hooked on taxi.

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cable guy webbs said...

I hate working downtown. During the day there is always some jackass parked in the commercial loading zone. It usually take me 15 minutes to find a parking spot.