Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buddy! move over

Sunday night my first fare was the same women from last night. She was the one who worked in the massage parlor. Actually that's where I was called to. The same women. She told me she had one client. "165$, that's what I made today. Not bad." I said "Sure I guess." She told me that a member of a prominent Rub and Tug on 109st and 105ave got AIDS. She was thinking about it out loud in the car, "Imagine if she went bare back, Imagine if I had one of her clients." I could tell she was scared. I could tell she didn't always use protection. I had a good night Sunday morning. It was stress free like every Sunday should be. It rained. That was the first bit of rain I've seen in a while. Freshened the world up a bit. Summers coming.


Hit 40 said...

No protection!!!!!!!! WTF!!! Tell her the free clinic has free condoms just for her!

Nicole said...

Yikes... that's sad.

Why do women do that to themselves?

Why do men do that to themselves?

No respect for themselves or others.

Tanya said...

Yikes no protection, that is just plain stupid.