Saturday, May 2, 2009

shhh......feel the emotions

Tonight was not ordinary. I actually had an incredible morning. Well the night started with an excellent meal with a friend a sexy friend. Then I started work around 9 pm. The roads were busy with all those Friday night assholes. It's weird seeing so much traffic throughout the night. I drove the Inarticulate drunk guy last night from the Bear. He was cool. Not much happened until I got a call from a friend Mr. Dave. Well he had been sitting at his house pounding a few beers back with his boss. When the boss needed a ride home I was the lucky recipient of the phone call. When I arrived I was welcomed by a group of men that had obviously been having a "good" night. I took Dave's boss home. Nice guy owns an international electrical company or something. The man gave me 100$. Wow. I almost blew a gasket. My night was all of a sudden looking good. Money is tight these days, a 90$ tip goes a long way. Thanks man. Later, and this is the weird one. Donair shop on 82ave and 106st, three dudes get in while I'm rocking Nirvanas "Polly" loud. I tell them to simmer down cause I want to listen to the song, then I blare it. They dig it. Seems I got a fighter in the car, a massive man. A Doctor (General practitioner) and their friend (don't know what he did). On the way to the Y after hours they wanted to stop at their truck. We stop. The boys get themselves a whiff of special K (Ketamine). All of a sudden they are totally clued into me. They loved the ride so much that when we got to the Y they offered me whatever it took to get me to go in with them. I said "100$" I was joking but bam they gave it up no problem. We entered. So I'm in the dance club with a doctor and a man that is huge. All the women were staring at us. well not me, the guy with the massive biceps. They bought me some water (5$ a bottle) and I sat down in the chill out room. I watched a guy tripping on Ecstasy throw up on the floor. The Y. I talked with my new buddies. They were cool. I think they were out of their element and that's why they wanted me to come in with them. They had drugs. Lots of drugs (pharmaceutical) and money but they weren't drug people. Just a threesome of dudes letting loose. I thought it was cool. They took good care of me in that club. I was happy to have been given the opportunity to make a 100$/hour plus dance around a club like a teenager. I left after the hour, my fares stayed. Dudes you guys were the shit, I don't believe you people stepped into my life like that thanks. As I walked out the club towards my car a girl approached me. She wanted a ride. I could see the line of taxis in front of the after hours club. I asked "Why don't you take one of those?" She said "you write a blog right? My sister almost had sex in your car once, she said you blogged about it" I smiled and let her in. My night was incredible compared to any other cabby last night for sure. I am so lucky to be me and I love the summer time so party the fuck on kids.

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Anonymous said...

shhh....u had me at sexy....Not! ha! (u say that about everybody!!) remind me 2 tell u the SOUP story....Love the blog dude!