Sunday, May 31, 2009

POZAR but the Z has a line through it

When the times get tough I kinda panic. There have been times in the last couple months that I've though about escape. A get away from the everyday. The cab is unique but times are tough so the though to move on pops in and out of my head. The military is something I think about joining. It seems like The place to be if you're disillusioned and poor. A paycheck all that stuff. Tonight I drove a couple of soldiers, cool guys. I think they were with a prostitute but nice guys. One of the them, the one in the front seat, me and him got to talking, he told me there is nothing in the world like fighting. I drove a chef last night. His fare fed my family. Thank God for good clients and big fares, everyone I drove was angelic last night. It was a pleasure to drive last night. I went to check out a fire on the south side. It was huge. I was totally wowed by it. I took about a dozen photos. I sat and stared into that fire. The word surreal comes to mind when you happen to stumble upon a horrible moment. You stop to take a picture in this day and age. There were so many people outside of those apartment buildings. I hope everyone is ok. Who cares about stuff, when you got your life. Right? Times aren't that tough. Oh and screw the oil patch and Shell and Esso, assholes


Anonymous said...

Thats weird I had to cancel a service call in that building this morning because of that fire. The fire trucks were still there when I showed up.

Tanya said...

Tragedy certainly does put things in perspective doesn't it...

Anonymous said...

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