Monday, May 25, 2009

Broken Bus stop

Last night I got home and felt like falling asleep. I just went to bed, I was tiered. Not much happened last night. I do remember this one thing. A group of dudes. They were roughhousing around the bar and on the road. I remember thinking they were assholes out loud. I was the first one up in a line of taxis. Hudson's on Whyte. There were lots of people in front of the place. Closing time. All of a sudden one of the rowdy air head roughhousers gets in the front seat of my car. Then two more jump in the back. The first thing I hear is "You're such a fucking cock block." One giant guy accusing another massive human being in the back seat. The argument continues to escalate. It gets physical. Nothing extreme. The guy in the front seat saw a the situation and asked "Where is your shield?" I said "It's coming next week." I wonder what it's gonna do. You know to the overall feel of the taxi. Mines coming. Funny now that the times are tough I'm getting a cage. I'm one of the last cars in the fleet not to have one. With a little window and a money hole. Awesome. Tonight I drove my aunt to the McKernan LRT station. In my own car. Off duty. She was going to the El Divo concert. Well she made it to Rexall and back with no problem. Fast and cheap. That train is going to run to Heritage soon. All the way to 23rd ave. Damn that's gonna kill business . Ha. I just want to drive around this summer. I am anticipating a change with the shield a psychological one, in me and the passengers. Well with the economy and stuff I think this summer is going to be exciting.


Romance Alta., said...


You should swing by my place (downtown) one night when you're not too busy. I'll put some coffee on and make some vittles. Bring your video camera (I'll have mine as well), and we can interview one another for our respective blogs. Then you can give me a lift to Whyte Ave and maybe I'll do something crazy to entertain you! Let me know.

Anonymous said...

ummm, entertaining to you wouldn't happen to be making lamp shades out of people, would it be RA??