Sunday, May 24, 2009

Looking to get pregnant, isn't that why?

Finally a night where I had more than three people in the car. What makes taxi so cool isn't the cash flow (which can be good sometimes but not during a recession) it's the people. My job is fun and I love it. I love cruising up to your house and meeting you, especially if you're someone I don't know. That's when I can grab you and get you to fall in love with me. I mean that's how I get you to call back. If not me then the company I work for. Tonight was awesome. It started like every other night this week. Slow. During the boom I was busy for 92% of my time spent in the car. Now calls start coming in at around 11pm. It's weird everyone wants a taxi at the same time, people seem to behave alike. K tonight I watched one of my fares dress their dog up like a princess. That was strange. I also visited Layne Mitchell and the intern army at the Pawn Shop. Even got a free hot dog. Score. Oh my second last fare a couple of girls I picked up on 102ave and 138st. They got in and I could tell they had no money but I told them I would take them down town. The Eurythmics were on the Radio "Sweet dreams" I turned the volume way up and we bounced to the smooth groove of Annie Lennox. After the song was done one of the girls asked me "Do you go on dates?" I knew what she was talking bout but pretended to be ignorant. "Dates? What do you mean" I asked. Then the girl in the back seat moved in on the girl in the front seat and they started making out. "You guys lesbians?" I asked. The girl in the front said "she's my wife, it's been two years." I applauded them. "So you wanna date?" the girl in the front seat asked. I again asked "date? What do you mean?" Then the girl in the back seat poked her head into the front seat and said "Double blow job. We need to make some money." I shook my head and said "I don't pay for that, and anyway I'm driving you for free ." I stated with absolutely no intent on getting a blow job. I just wanted them to be clear on the fact that they were getting to 95st and Jasper for free. They laughed, then the girl in the front seat grabbed me, she tried to get at my cock. I laughed and said "I don't want a blow job, I don't swing like that." She realized that their offer of a double blow job didn't arouse me. When I got to their destination they wanted me to lend them five bucks for some booze. I said "all the liquor stores are closed, you ladies are just hurting for the rock." The both tried to say "no" but they knew I was right and they were in denial. The girl in the front seat said "I'll show my tits for five bucks." I laughed again and thought about it, I thought about maybe taking a picture and publishing it on taxitalk but I knew that wasn't going to happen I said "No" then she said "I'll show them to you for 2$" I again said "no." They got out and some guy pulled up to them in a VW Jetta I think. They disappeared. Fuck those lesbians all they really want is the shaft and a hard spot.


Hit 40 said...

You should have told them to get a job!!!!

Never pays to be nice.

Anonymous said...

yep, and maybe picking a little higher caliber of clientele would make sense.....(maybe that way you'll even get paid!)

taxitalk said...

Karma ladies Karma
tit for tat
no blow job
but my next fare might be their murderous brother but he'll see me and say
'Hey you toke my baby lesbian sister across the good side of town for free, High five and here's a fifty peace."
I can see it
fuck I'm a an optimist

Anonymous said...

are you ever!
don't be Naive
cuz chances are
he'll slit your throat
and eat your balls...
(with a nice chianti)
is that worth $50???

i like the
karma idea tho
(like don't hit bunnies
with your cab) HAha