Saturday, February 21, 2009

Women love motor boats

Thank You Very Much, this letter means very much to me, no joke

I count the money I made when I get home. Fuck lately I've been avoiding it. Tonight was a good night for me. Lots of laughs. Lots of drugs. First group, two English dudes. They thought I was gay cause I told them that three dudes once blew each other in the back seat. I drove them to Joey Tomatoes on Jasper where they got a patron/drug pusher of the bar to come out and sell them some Canadian cocaine. I'm calling it Canadian cocaine because it's been cut with every dirty cleaning product under your sink, and then they add Meth. The Meth adds the extra zinger. Canadians usually can't tell the difference because not many have traveled to Columbia. These English dudes thought the coke was good, I don't think they've ever been to South America either. Well anyway they snorted the blow in the back of the cab, on their way to suit 69. I wonder, if I'm gay cause three dudes fucked around in the back, am I a drug addict cause some English fellows snorted blow in the back. You tell me boys. They lost a gram in the back seat but they were so high from the first snort of crank they didn't care about the lose. Then there was this group of young teenage boys. Nirvana was playing while they were getting in. "Where you guy's going" I asked, with the music blaring in the background."St Albert" on of them answered. I turned "Drain you" up full blast. The song ended. We started to talk. The young dudes realized I'm one of the best cab drivers they were ever going to have, they asked me to stop at a bank. While we searched for a ATM I found out the boys were hopped up on Acid. Yes the LSD Lucy in the sky with Diamonds is what they said. All three were tripping balls, but I wasn't a downer. People tripping on hallucinogens can be scary. To tell you guys the truth, during the boom the only drug that showed it's face was Cocaine and Crack (brother and his cheap whore sister). The last few weeks the mushrooms and the LSD have been bobbing around. I don't know how I feel about that. Those types of drugs (Psychedelics) fuck people up in a manner that makes them less predictable. Irrational, erratic, fun and scary all at the same time. These boys were planning to rip a cabby off, but God sent them me, they paid me cause they wanted to. I was a trip for them. Then there was the Gang girl. She is still around. I really like her. You guys she is a gorgeous women. Dark skin, nice eyes, great body and a crack habit she just can't keep under wrap. I bought her a sandwich and drove her for free. She told me stories I can't write down, they're about the gangs. Fuck now I know to much. Way to much. I started asking her why she won't get out. I told her that she could use her looks to snag a guy with a future. I told her she could get away. She said "I wouldn't be happy." I looked at her and said "No one is. it's a dream, its a metaphor, its a chase and lady all you got to do is run." She smiled. I asked her "Is there more to it, is there something busted up there in that head of yours?" I was implying some sort of abuse might have occurred in her childhood. We talked about her dad, who never abused her, but never gave her the love she wanted. Well that's what I got out of what she said. I like her a lot. She's interesting and has stories about sex, drugs, gangs violence and even murder (no joke) but she is going to die on the streets if she doesn't run away. I hope I get to see her again, she's a friend. My Dad called me tonight. Late, from the Airport, he needed a taxi, sorry Pops, sorry I couldn't be there for you.


Anonymous said...

she forgot to dot the 'i' in Brittany with a heart

Britt said...

You are more than welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

I found your business card that you left me 2 weeks later! I was hoping to see something fun about me, but i guess the 5 minute drive down whyte ave i couldn't have much interesting to say. But i love the blog!! Hope i run into you again one day!!!