Friday, February 20, 2009

love the red shoes/ Obstacle

Tonight was a generally happy night, lots of personals. Mostly my own clients, new and old. There was this couple. These two girls from Nova Scotia, they were drunk. One of them told me she made out with another Cabby so he'd knock 3 bucks off. After she kissed him he offered her a free ride for another kiss. She did it. I'd take the money and run. One of the fares took my money and ran. It was a great situation. SO I'm waiting outside a bar. On the Rocks. The only reason I'm there is because I'm second in line. That bar pumps out work. The clientele is clean. Lots of International flare there, fun people. Tonight was quiet but people were in the Bars. I waited in line, it's something you have to do lately. I don't do it often. I remember I saw the girl before she even left the bar. I saw her stumbling around inside, through the windows. I knew she was next. SHe was tossed in by a Spanish Fellow. SHe sat up front. SHe actually forced herself into the front seat. The dude sat in the back. He told her to tell me her address, she didn't want to tell me. It was because of him. SHe had been stringing him along probably the whole night and then she forgot his name. SHe pointed the direction she lived in and we drove that way. We got the guy out to not far from the bar, she was reluctant to go anywhere with him. As soon as he got out I asked for the address. SHe said "I want to get fucked up I want cocaine." Then I said " You can't stand up straight, you are fucked up, go home." SHe was the touchy feely type. Harmless, but close. Weird. Stuff like that doesn't happen to people at work too regularly. I'm not hot but I'm cute and sometimes fares get close. It's a rush for sure but not something that can ever be acted upon. This chick was laying it on hard. SHe wanted coke. I told her "we could go to 711" she smirked. Hands poking at me. I told her "you're lucky that you got in my cab, someone else might take you seriously." She had this twenty dollar bill in her hand. SHe lived downtown not far from the bar. She worked up a 18$ fare. She was stalling the whole time. Just drunk, trying to get me to do drugs with her. The girl wasn't a hooker or anything. I sat there, looking at her as I was parked in front of her high rise and notices the scares. She was showing a lot of skin. Slutty like. The scares were cuts. She was a cutter. The most intense one was on her neck. She was toast. Fucking drunk, trying to get me to go upstairs with her and do drugs, have sex. I told her she was crazy. SHe knew it, she had also seemed to misplace the twenty dollar bill. I told her I'd help her get inside then I asked "where is the 20 bucks." It was on the floor board, it fell as she was getting out of the car. SHe fucking took that twenty dollars and ran on me. Showed me the finger and ran away on me. I got out of the car and asked her if she's really ditching me. SHe did. Fucking money, the trip was worth it, it was intense. I get tempted with stuff all the time, it's thrilling. Over coming moral obstacles is the most difficult part to my job.
Now I have these clients. Well it's this one chick from Lister hall. She's spending reading week in the dorms. The University residence is a hard core building. 1800 mostly adolescent teens living amongst each other. This chick is cool. SHe has this friend from PEI I think. Tonight her friend danced. She was wild. Awesome. She rocked out to "Turbo Lover" by Judas Priest. It was sweet one of those moments of innocents. Youth.


Anonymous said...

dUde, i was rockin' out 2 Nirvana and Turbo lover when u were in fucking diapers my friend! HA!

wow, all that for $20? dance, baby, Dance!

Aadjectives make the world go round, grass-hoppah!

B careful not to bite off more than u can spew, blog-ah.


Anonymous said...

Loved the red shoes.. not enough to mention the gal who was wearing them :) This isn't her btw... it's her friend who kept thinking you were alot like her other friend haha... love the blog... I hope you continue to be inspired.


taxitalk said...

you girls were the next night
remember Motor Boat, I wrote about you not her.
Rock on