Thursday, February 12, 2009

diarrhea in a cabbies mouth

Tonight I almost lost it on another cabby. The asshole mother fucker parked behind me. No big deal, except all he did is pull up behind me and leave his back end on the street. He looked like he was diagonal parking except on 82 ave(a busy street) I usually don't care about bad cabbies but this guy almost got hit his ass was so far out on the road. I asked him to move. He told me to fuck off. I brought out my digital camera. He freaked out and told me it was illegal to film him. I said he was an idiot for parking like a jack ass. I radioed in to dispatch. Dispatch asked him if he was OK. He told them I was drunk. I have the whole conversation on video. He lied to them. So many taxi drivers are scam artist,rapists, drug dealers, thieves and bad drivers. I want to rid my city of the cabby shit. Would you guys want your mother to take a cab driven by a cabby that would steal her purse, or worse yet would you want a cad driver to take your daughters virginity. Then people! start complaining to the company when you get a shitty ride. Always look out for the company of the taxi you got in and if the driver is at all being creepy or trying to work you, report the cock sucker. Trust me a crooked cabby would rip you off in a second. I bet most of you already know that. FUck ignorant cabbies.
Anyway later I drove this schizophrenic man who scared me. I think he thought he could speak hundreds of different languages cause he kept changing his dialect every few minutes. I didn't understand him most of the ride. Thank God there was no stabbing.

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