Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our kids, our youth!

82 ave, I was moving North bound on 107st, saw a couple of cabbies parked, I flip a bitch at the empty 4way. The computer spits out 5$# needs help removing a customer at 107 82ave. I pull up to two cabs, both cabbies are trying to convince this girl to get out of the cab. She's refusing. I tell her to get in to my taxi Ill take her. She gets into my car and says "St Albert". I think "fuck" out loud. It was a slow night. None of the drivers wanted to take her to St Albert without a massive deposit. I never ask for the cash up front. "Cash on dash." People hate that. Offensive. I hate to say it but the truth about taxi is if they get into the car the best way to get them out is to take them home. I took her home. She lived a block away from the house I grew up in. In Lacombe. I turned off the fare and I drove the block over to see it. It's the biggest house on the block. Its my golden age. My dad built it. Tonight wasn't easy.
There were so many cabs. We all had our top lights shinning bright. Fucking cash is hard to Come Buy lately. People are loosing their Jobs. People are still driving around though. Lots of traffic, lots of drunks, lots of empty cabs. The roads were slick, but the drunks were thick.
I drove this Environmentalist, from the Y after hours. He told me that while working for big corporation (Shell) he falsified documents. He took part in changing actual data. Not telling the public the truth. He told me that he's been to Africa, that the Oil trade up there is extraemly unethical. He said " If you bribe someone, its upwards of half a mill. Or a you buy them a house in Aspine and a Cadilac Escalde for the little lady. If you really want to get something done you just grease the polititions." I believe him. I told him "blow the whistle". It's good for Karma. My last fare was a couple of women. West Edmonton Motor inn, the first one comes out. It's 4:30am, she's pregnant. She's trying to cover it up, but she's beyond "showing" She get's in. "Where you going?" I ask "I don't know" she tells me. I turn up the Radio "Use Somebody" by the Kings of Leon. We wait for her friend, she's fucked, she gets in, they were high I think. They tried to say they were drunk. They weren't drunk, it didn't smell, they were sketched. "Where we going?" I ask for the second time. "104 and 105 ave." the pregnant girls friend tells me. I turn up the song, we listen to it loud the whole song. It's short. After I get to talking to the girls, I get a feeling that they are trying to turn some tricks to get some money for "Crack." You have to see, the whole time I was driving those women I could see that girl trying to hide her stomach. She was pretending it wasn't there. It wasn't letting her go but she was still getting high. Intense. She was kind of like those Polititians. Two different worlds same bullshit. Our kids, our youth my house.

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