Friday, February 6, 2009

GoD=DoG Get it? EviL A LivE

As I drove around the empty midnight streets of Edmonton tonight I wondered how I could portray my vision to you guys. First off I drove a musician, the mother fucker asked me to pull over so he could piss. I pull over and the guy barely steps out the door and flops out this elephant sized cock and takes a huge piss right in front of me. I wasn't phased he was cool. Ladies I believe he is a bass player, look into it. Tell me what you think. Now a situation that only encouraged me to proceed with the writing. O.k I get a call from a couple of personals. West Enders. Cool kids that dig my ride. They get in and with them comes a third guy, I've never driven. We get the talk on and I find out that the new guy has been reading my blog for a few weeks now. He says its interesting. I'm happy as hell about the great feed back. Naturally I figure he got the URL from one of his friends, one of the personal clients I was driving. I was mistaken. The guy found online. On somebody elses blog. Now the cool part was that the three of them were sitting around talking about taking a taxi and the guy who had never been in my car showed the guys my blog and said lets call this guy. My clients looked at each other and said that's Jacob. They both had a copy of my card in their wallets. What a trip. I drove them to the club, great ride. The night wore on and I had a few more clients (not many). The three dudes called me back. I hurried to the club to pick them up. We took the long way home and chatted. Politics, sexuality and God were all topics that came up. The kid who knew me from my blog mentioned that he was a Cynic. This kid is young, his view of the world is still developing. I said I believe in God, I told him I like spirituality in general but I was raised with Jesus and that's the way I've grown accustom to viewing the Almighty mother fucker in the sky. Jesus was God but he was a man. GOD=Man. He was sceptical. I told him "You've been reading my blog, you guys needed a taxi. You showed these boys my blog and said we should call this guy. They knew my number because I had already driven them." I told him "this is what I believe is destiny (fate), you met me through a blog initially and now I'm your designated safe ride home. This phenomenon happened naturally. You have become the topic of my blog." Then I told him "that's God for ya."

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