Sunday, February 22, 2009

I have an electric taxi

really it runs on Lightning


Anonymous said...

ha! (you mean lightning right?)

so i guess that means u need a flux capacitor, right?

never-mind, you're too young....

Nikimby said...

I'm pretty sure every kid our age has seen Back to the Future numerous times. Even my son who was born in 2006 has seen it. It's a classic!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great stories! I love reading them, you are a great writer !!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Anon #2!!

The blog is like this little fire that you conjure up or build with your bare hands every day.
The fire sheds light on things (issues) that happen in your world, our city, life.
We can all relate to it in some way or another.
It can even be a signal fire to warn people of danger.
Sometimes you can light other fires with it, (like under someone’s ass if they need it!)
Or use other fires to light it
Sometimes you sprinkle on some gasoline,
Other times you just rub 2 sticks together and gently blow when sparks appear.
But always it’s alive, crackling and sparking, intriguing and fun.

We, (the ones in your life, whether it be clients, family, friends, or passers by)
Gather around that fire for a variety of reasons.
Some of us are there to be warmed or entertained by the fire.
Some of us are there to leap, twirl and dance around it
As we perform our own sacred rituals, even at the risk of being burned at the stake.
There are bats (the bad guys/girls), and owls (wise observers)
And little fireflies buzzing around, who will eventually fly away....
Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and stare at the fire
And thanks to the internet, your fire can be seen around the world!
And then there’s the wood, the oxygen, the fuel itself:
The stories.
The point is, your blog interests, entertains, enlightens, and affects us all,
and is reflected in all of our eyes....

So keep up the fantastic work and know that it is enjoyed and appreciated! =)

Sweet Charity said...

I love reading your stories... seriously.

Anonymous said...

lightNing strikes.....maybe once, maybe twice.....