Thursday, February 5, 2009

blow your brains out

My first fare tonight was this girl. We started talking about how the police are not into crime prevention. The Police are there to clean up the mess. She told me that she found a bunch of unused bullets on the high level bridge. She said she called the cops and they said that they won't even do a write up about it cause it's just to much paper work. My fare felt that they were neglecting the situation. I asked her what she thought the bullets were going to be used for. She didn't know. I came up with a situation. I figured some dude went up there to blow his mind out and then fall into the North Saskatchewan. My fare got upset with me that I brought up the topic of suicide so randomly and aggressively. I meant no harm. It was just what I thought someone might have brought those bullets up there for. She was offended. I apologized, but really I didn't mean it. Suicide is ....... What is it people? K, here is a funny story for you. There is this day driver from Afghanistan, very cool cat. Well he loves the ladies and he always tries to get with them. This is what he tells me. So one day he is driving this woman, he told me she had dark skin and was very attractive. On the way to her destination the taxi broke down. The woman panicked "what are we going to do?" the day driver announced "we're going to have sex." "No! I have a boyfriend" she said. The day driver told me that she did not have a boyfriend. He called her another cab. The women with the dark complexion waited with the driver in silence. When the second taxi arrived the day driver was very embarrassed, because it was his wife's brother. He said " that night my wife never said a word to me" then he looked at me and asked "do you think she told him about my proposition?"

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