Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get Bent

Again very few fares to tell you about. The Economy is changing, or maybe it's because of reading week. The U of A is out for spring break and that's where the money is made. Nice young naive university children and their huge appetite for sex, drugs and a safe ride home. Yeah right!So tonight was kind of another joke but I got some good stories. There were these two nice ladies traveling to Cuba. They told me that they once had a friend go there with her just married sister. Since the sister was not going to cheat on her new husband, the other sister needed to get laid by a Cuban man in secret. As not to create some sort of jealous tension I guess. Well one day during the vacation one of the lost pieces of luggage that that the married sister had brought and lost on the way had arrived. This gave the horny sister a half hour to go find a Cuban to plow her. Well I guess according to my fare she found one. The Bartender. They told me he fucked her on one of the tables at the restaurant. In a half hour. They also told me that later that night her and her sister ate supper at the same table. Who doesn't wish they were in Cuba right now?
Hey did you guys hear, Obama hit up Canada? Do you know what he called Alberta's Oil sand production, "Dirty Oil?" That's right! See if Oil was a drug Saudi Arabia would have oil that's like Cocaine. Now that makes Alberta's Environmental catastrophe oil "Crack." Is that what you were going to say. Wrong! Well Alberta is cheaper then crack our oil is the equivalent of dirt trailer park Meth. Fucking greed took us so deep. Well I hope Harper likes swallowing ex presidents Bushes toxic cum. We all know the Canadian government was sucking off the Bush administration. Fuck Harper, now he's going to have to blow the black President and hopefully it's going to be a bigger shaft to deep throat. Harper is a greedy whore, and so is anyone that thought that the Oil sands were a good way to feed their families. Mrs.Karma is going to get you don't worry. Oh I saw police chief Mike Boyed walking his K9 last night on 82 ave. I wanted to chase him down and give him my blogs URL so he could read about his inadequacies as a leader but my fare was still in the car.
I also drove this chick that promotes event notorious-events

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